Ackumulatorbatteri ACK03

Ackumulatorbatteri ACK03

Artikelnummer: 2064536

3M™ Peltor™ Uppladdningsbart batteripaket ACK03. Batteripaket 1700 mha (NiMh). Laddningstid: 5–6 timmar.

EAN: 7318640041509
  • För användning tillsammans med: Peltor Alert, Peltor LiteCom, Peltor LiteCom III, Peltor WS Headset, Peltor WS Adapter, Peltor Tactical XP, Peltor Tactical Pro, Peltor FM radio, Peltor Pro Tac II, Peltor Power Com, Peltor Radio XP

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It looks like the application is not working properly on this device. Please contact customer support with a screenshot of this message, so that we can help you.